Thank you for your interest in the
Nightjar Survey Network.

We hope you join us by choosing a route to survey.  Survey data will help discover and explain population changes for these species.

The steps are easy: Drive, Count, Report Data

Firstly, sign up for an account here:

Requirements for Participation

  1. Suitable transportation to complete a survey
  2. Good hearing to count birds at a distance
  3. Able to recognize and differentiate calls of North American Nightjar Species
  4. Able to schedule surveys during the survey window

Surveys are conducted only ONE TIME per year:

Survey windows for 2019 are:

  • Window 1: FL, TX, and low elevation AZ and NM: 12 April to 26 April
  • Window 2: Any location in the country: 11 May to 26 May
  • Window 3: Areas north of AZ, FL, NM, and TX, and recommended for high elevation areas in the Northern U.S.: 9 June to 25 June

*AZ participants can click here for additional dates.

Surveys should only be conducted within those time frames.

Specific instructions and data sheet download is available on our Survey Instructions page.